Recently, the world is going through a lot of trouble due to conflicts.
It is sad that innocent lives are dying every day.
I wrote an article a while ago, but I want to create a world where everyone in the world can say, "Today was a good day."

People are fighting because of the "past" and "excessive greed" in history.
The past cannot be changed, and you cannot take more money than you can use when you die.

So here is my proposal:

・Share land, resources, technology, and human resources around the world regardless of borders.
・If the rich people now distribute 1/3 or 1/10 to those in need.
・Respect each other without imposing race, religion, or customs.

I think that if we enact such things as international law,
People who suffer from poverty will disappear, and wars will be less likely to break out.

I'm not a smart person, so this is the only proposal I came up with.

So I have a request.

・If a wise person sees this article, I would appreciate your advice.
・If a wealthy person agrees to help, I would appreciate it.
・If a famous person would spread the word that "there is such a movement," I would appreciate it.
・If someone who is good at languages in each country would translate my opinion, I would appreciate it.
・If an organization that is doing support activities around the world would agree and spread it, I would appreciate it.

Ultimately, I intend to propose to the top people of the world,
"Let's create a world without conflict or poverty."